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Barry had to suppress his chuckle when his soon-to-be wife told him where their wedding would be held. He was quite familiar with that downtown hotel, having cruised for tricks in the bathrooms for years. The bathroom in the lower level near the workout area was notorious for having many horny men, especially in the late afternoon.

On the day of his wedding, Barry couldn’t help himself. Full of nervous energy and already dressed in his tux, he slipped out unnoticed away from the groom’s party and made his way down to the place he knew well. Finding the usual stall, he walked in and sat down right next to the small glory hole that hadn’t been patched, hoping to either get his cock sucked or have a nice cock to suck on.

He had been there for more than 10 minutes with no action. He nervously looked at his watch, and knew that he only had maybe 15 minutes more to go before he had to show up at his own wedding. He was almost ready to abandon the place when he heard the bathroom door opened. Footsteps could be heard of a man walking in slowly and heading to the urinals. Zippers being opened and the sound of a stream of liquid hitting the bottom of the urinal. Soon the sound of the urinal flushing could be heard and the man zipping up his pants.

Barry thought that this was the end of it and the man would walk out. But he could hear footsteps walking back and forth outside of his stall, as if the man was checking the place out. Much to his delight, after a few seconds, the man got into the stall next to his and closed the door. He heard the rustling of clothes and again, the sound of the zippers being pulled down. A few seconds later, a rather large, stiff erection appeared at the glory hole.

It was a cock to be proud of. At least 7 inches in length, it was very thick and veiny, with a large, prominent mushroom head. Barry didn’t waste a second. Licking his lips, he latched onto the huge dick and quickly swallowed it whole.

"Fuck, yeah!" he heard the voice of the man he was servicing.

This lit a fire in Barry as he went full on sucking that magnificent dick. His lips wrapped tightly around the shaft while his tongue flicked continuously all along the underside, giving the man as much stimulation and pleasure. His head bobbled faster and faster along the stiff rod while his mouth tried to maintain a partial vacuum, as if trying to siphon the cum out of it. During all of this, Barry couldn’t see much of this man with the amazing rod. All he could hear was the occasional moaning, and the scent of his distinctive cologne.

This went on for about 5 minutes. Barry could hear the heavy breathing getting louder, and knew that it will be any second now. And he was right.

"Goddam, swallow it!" the man yelled.

In a split second, Barry’s mouth was filled with warm, sticky semen. It tasted salty, pungent, tangy, and delicious. By the third shot, Barry’s mouth was full, and he took his first gulp, forcing the life-giving fluid down his throat. Pushing his face hard against the man’s groin, the spurting dick was deeply imbedded down his throat, causing the remaining spurts to shoot directly down his esophagus.

After several minutes, the main withdrew his softening cock and Barry could hear the rustling of clothes, the rezipping of pants, and then heard the man left the stall and walked out of the bathroom. Barry wiped his mouth with his handkerchief and walked out of his stall. He walked to one of the sinks, and immediately washed his face and rinsed his mouth, quietly hoping that he got rid of the smell and tastes of cum in his mouth by the time he kissed his wife at the altar.

The wedding was going well. Barry made it on time, and was standing up front as he saw Janice walking down the aisle with her father, his soon-to-be father-in-law. As they had done during the rehearsal, they stopped right before the got to him, his father-in-law flipped up the veil, kissed his daughter on the cheeks, and then turned to Barry.

Grabbing Barry by the shoulders, his father-in-law smiled and then said “Welcome to the family, Barry!” and hugged him.

Barry hugged back, but all of the sudden, a bunch of things suddenly trigged his memory. That voice! The cologne his father-in-law was wearing! They both came together and Barry was back at the bathroom downstairs sucking on a huge cock!

That realization almost made Barry’s knees buckled. His father-in-law pulled back and held him up, looking concerned. “Are you OK?” he whispered.

Barry nodded. “Just nervous”, he replied. He wondered if his father-in-law could smell the scent of his own cum on Barry.

"You’d be fine." his father-in-law replied as he gave Barry his daughter’s hand.

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